doxyPPE AND doxyPrEP - updated January 2023
PPE with doxy or DoxyPPE/DoxyPEP and PrPE with doxy or doxyPrPE or doxyPrEP

Post-exposure prophylaxis with doxycycline or doxyPPE and pre-exposure prophylaxis with doxycycline or doxyPrPE are two preventive methods against chlamydia including lymphogranuloma venereum or LGV and against syphilis. DoxyPPE, also known by the English acronym DoxyPEP, is a preventive treatment with the antibiotic called doxycycline specific for chlamydia infection. This treatment remains a therapeutic option for syphilis treatment. Both types of treatment, doxyPEP and doxyPrEP, reduce the risk of developing chlamydia and syphilis by more than 50% (see doxyPEP and doxyPrEP effectiveness section for more info). We have data from several large studies for use in post-exposure prophylaxis with doxycycline (ANRS IPERGAY, ANRS Prévenir, DoxyPEP Study, dPEP Kenyan Study) as well as for use in pre-exposure prophylaxis with doxycycline (DuDHS, DaDHS, Syphilaxis). All studies demonstrate significant efficacy against chlamydia and syphilis infections. In none of these studies has resistance of chlamydia or syphilis to doxycycline been observed.

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Vaccine against group B meningococcus to decrease the risk of contracting Neisseria Gonorrhoeae

In the 1980s-90s, the vaccine against meningococcus, VA-MENGOC-BC, was successfully used to control an epidemic of meningococcus in Cuba. Scientists noticed that the incidence (number of new cases) of gonorrhea, which had increased between 1970 and 1989, sharply decreased after the massive vaccination campaign with the group B meningococcus vaccine. Protection lasted from 1989 to 1993. A second peak in gonorrhea incidence was detected in 1995, but it again dropped after vaccination. Data clearly show a decrease in Neisseria Gonorrhoeae incidence after massive vaccination, unlike other sexually transmitted diseases. Incidence rates in unvaccinated age groups also decreased, probably due to herd immunity.

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PRE-EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS - update January 2023
PrEP or PPrE

Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP), is a preventive treatment with specific antiretroviral drugs for HIV. This treatment reduces the risk of contracting HIV by up to 100% (iPrEx Ole study) if used correctly. Although PrEP is very effective, it is not invincible.

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POST-EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS - updated January 2023

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) non-professional is equivalent to the morning-after pill but not for the fear of getting pregnant but rather for the fear of becoming HIV positive following a risky sexual encounter for HIV.

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